Family Owned and Operated
2030 W Deer Valley Rd Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85027 USA
Tel: 623-255-7674


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2030 W Deer Valley Rd Suite B
PhoenixAZ 85027USA

Feb 16, 2018 by 

Eric from Integrity Auto is the only mechanic I would take my Toyota 4Runner to. The name says it all. he's worked with me financially in the toughest of times ...his work and crew are to be trusted . I will not take my vehicle anywhere else and I suggest you do the same. If you decide not to take your vehicle here, that's on you. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Feb 21, 2017 by 

The company name says it all. Eric is the neighborhood mechanic you've been searching for! Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jan 11, 2017 by 

It is very hard to find an honest auto repairman these days. It is devastating to deal with a car maintenance and find the right auto repairman. On top of that, it is cardinal to keep your car in check when things go unexpectedly.Eric is aboveboard, adept and knowledgeable. His quality of work is durable. I had my breaks, oil pan, heat resistor done here. All in which has been done at a very reasonable price and outstanding service. Highly recommended. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Oct 23, 2015 by 

We all know it's that necessary evil... Car Maintenance... It's such a relief to have someone so reliable and trustworthy to trust all our Car care & troubles with. Integrity Auto has always provided A+ service for all 3 of our vehicles... (Cadillac, Ford & Hyundai) the shop is very clean and organized, the service given is top notch and has saved us tons of money and headaches not having to deal with dealerships. We highly recommend Integrity Auto. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nov 21, 2014 by 

Outstanding one else does my heavy line...fair pricing and never disappoints Rating: 5 out of 5.

Aug 11, 2014 by 

The true indicators of a great auto mechanic are knowledge, skill, honesty, and how they deal with customer issues.

Eric installed an engine in my 2005 Corolla. Just after picking up the car, I was on my way to work and the car started to overheat due to a faulty hose clamp. I called Eric and he rescued me by taking me to work, towed my car back to his shop, fixed the hose clamp problem, and triple checked everything. He then dropped my car at my workplace so I would have my car to ride home that night.

On another occasion, my check engine light was on. I went to AutoZone and got the error message code. I called Eric and he remembered the code and that my Toyota was recalled for a bad electronic control module. Eric told me to take it to a Toyota dealer. He was right, there was a recall for the ECM. The dealer fixed it for free. It would have been a $590 bill.

I highly recommend Eric because of his expertise, honesty, and integrity. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Response: I\'m still disappointed in myself for overlooking that clamp! I\'m just happy it all worked out. Thank you sir!

Aug 05, 2014 by 

My dear 4runner originally had an issue with the crankshaft pulley. I brought her to Eric over at Integrity. We planned on doing an aftermarket pulley due to cost of OEM. He called me after a bit the same day saying it was a bigger issue than the pulley. This is where he gained my trust. He stated that he just fixed it as well as possible with existing parts. The cost was reasonable and I was grateful. Though he told me it may last a week or a year and that I\'d be better off looking for a replacement motor I was shockingly comfortable with his advice. This guy is a Toyota doctor! We worked out a deal on a motor swap and I dropped my 4runner off with him on Thursday. That following Monday I got a phone call saying it\'s ready for pickup. I gladly paid the invoice and was back on the road! My runner was back in action and running better that I\'ve ever seen! BTW, my original motor had 266K miles on it so she was already tired and I knew it was a matter of time before she died. I will now be going to see Eric even for my oil changes. Thanks buddy! Rating: 5 out of 5.

Aug 02, 2014 by 

I worked with Eric back in the day, Yup im a wrench, nobody has ever worked on my vehicles but me for 25yrs and then some... I trust Eric he is most fair and reasonable, shoots straight and the motor he found and installed for me is beyond outstanding. grateful every day Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great Repair Shop

Jul 14, 2014 by 

From the first time I met Eric, he has always been very honest and upfront about the repairs my vehicle needed. Eric would make a list of everything that could be done, then he would go through that list and tell me what was needed now or those that could wait. I have had my daughter take her vehicle to Eric and he has ALWAYS treated her great. I would and DO recommend Eric and Integrity Auto Repair, LLC to anyone who ask if I know a good and honest mechanic. Eric is the BEST!!!!!!! Rating: 5 out of 5.

Average rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.